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Master Technology with
Step-by-Step Videos

From the Basics of Web Design to Operating a Thriving Online Business
Learn at Your Own Pace with the Support of an Experienced Information Technology Professional



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Learn from an Experienced Technology Pro

Go from the basics to advanced topics with my self-paced videos. I'll be available for more support as needed.

Web Design and Graphics

From the basics of web design to advanced
techniques using Photoshop, Flash,
HTML5, SVG, and Javascript.

Application Development

Learn to construct sophisticated mobile-friendly web applications and desktop software programs using modern development tools.

Online Business & E-Commerce

Whether you're starting a brand new venture
on the web or taking your existing business online, you'll learn the right steps to take.

Plus Much, Much More...

You'll learn to launch and grow an online business and how to use technology to organize and simplify your daily tasks.

Web design fundamentals using the latest tools

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Latest Web Standards

Web design and development methods change constantly. I'll show you how to stay on top of emerging trends to keep you ahead of the curve.

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Design Using Photoshop

Learn how to design and assemble sophisticated web interfaces using the web artist's tool of choice. 

What Makes the Impartec Training Program Unique?

When you choose a technology training program, you want to be sure you gain the most from the material. Having access to an experienced technology professional helps to ensure your success.

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Web Designer or Online Entrepreneur

Technology experts run the world. Take your first step into a new world of opportunity.
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Is the course material time-limited?

No, you can learn at your own pace. Once you get access to a course, you will have full access to the course material for as long as you remain a member. I'll add new content each month, so there will always be something new to learn! Simply sign into your membership area to access the materials at any time.

Is the course IE7 compatible?

Unfortunately, IE7 is now an outdated browser. To make the most of the internet, I would suggest that you update to a modern browser capable of running HTML5 and CSS3.

Do I need a computer?

You'll either need access to a computer or a smartphone. You should be able to access the course materials, including videos, articles and ebooks from any modern mobile device, laptop or home computer running a modern web browser. Sign up for the free course download to make sure everything works with your device.

Can I download the course material?

Much of the course material is downloadable, including most ebooks and videos. You may download the materials to view offline, or you may access everything at any time by signing into your account in the membership area.

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